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Reach more fans with a successful live broadcast

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Bring people together to share knowledge

Not everyone can make it to your meetup, but that doesn’t mean you can’t provide them with value

With BeLive, you can mix speakers, slides, and audience Q&A to share and document your event.

Experts say:

“Your service is amazing and really good! It is easy to use and helpful to create a good movie.”

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Play locally, capture hearts globally

Use BeLive to give your fans a virtual front row ticket to a breathtaking live performance!

With multiple cameras streaming together, your fans can see the whole show from all angles! And with multiple audio sources, they can always hear you crystal clear.

Music lovers say:

“It’s so amazing I’m here at my office in Europe and seeing all of this live thank you so much!”

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Interesting things happen everywhere, and your community wants to see them right now!

BeLive is the perfect solution for broadcasting events no matter where they happen. Whether it is a protest, a festival, a gathering or a party, the best way to make your voice heard is to show what is happening out there in real time from multiple angles.

Combine live documentary footage with interviews and commentary to fully tell your story to the world!

People say:

“Thanks for putting this together! What a great way to share what was happening!”

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Your fans expect to see your team playing live, no matter where the match is.

With BeLive you can give them a professional grade live broadcast, complete with scores, game clock, and live play by play commentary!

With BeLive’s on-video updates, your fans will always know who scored, who got replaced, and stay up to date with information from the match.

Fans say:

“This changed our Lives. All the games are live streamed every Friday, 4 phones mean 4 camera angles. Great stuff!”