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Dr. Pedre hosted a quick and easy interview with Dr. Joe Tatta through BeLive to talk about pain management

Being experts in their field, Vincent and Joe can casually hop on a live broadcast (Vincent is in his workout clothes!) and provide excellent value to their audience

Molly (aka "The Prepared Performer") is an expert at coaching her students to shine with confidence

What better way to show this to the world, than going live on Facebook via BeLive?

In this video, Molly and her student Ashkan sing with their wonderful voices, while using BeLive's special Holiday themes to give their broadcast that extra holiday spirit!

DotLive are hosting weekly interviews with live broadcasters to establish their brand and to promote their business

Using BeLive's Face to Face interview format, Marc can host the broadcast and bring the guest on with minimal effort

All the guest needs to do is to receive an invite link from the host and open it in their browser, without installing any external plugins

This allows any business to have public chats with community members and establish brand leadership

April went live to recap her learnings from the holiday season

Her community joined her LIVE, and April brought their comments on the screen to engage the audience and drive a conversation