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Peng Joon uses BeLive to describe the roadmap to increasing reach and revenue online.

He uses BeLive as a way to engage with users and provide an instructional course on how to achieve your monetary goals.

BeLive is a great way to have online lessons with a large viewership through Facebook Live!

Nicole Walters uses BeLive to interview NY Times Bestselling author and Business Expert Chalene.

Nicole discusses how having a mentor helps businesses by talking about Charlene’s “Marketing Impact” and how to monetize yourself!

Let BeLive be a tool for you to help brand yourself or your business!

Steven Aitchinson, an early adopter, uses BeLive to show people that if they want to, they can change any aspect of their lives. He does this by bringing on special guests that support his mission.

In this show, he brings on John Kim from The Angry Therapist. John, a life coach, discusses his journey with Steven. They use BeLive to interact with their viewers by bringing up comments directly from Facebook.

This video is a great example of how you can use BeLive to promote your personal brand, as Steven did with John!

The Queen of Facebook, Mari Smith, uses BeLive to answer anyone's questions! By bringing up her viewers comments to her screen, she engages her audience and drives a free flowing conversation!