The New Way to Engage Your Community

676,175,250 engaged viewers

Broadcasting Modes:

Mode solo


Create an engaging solo Q&A live broadcast in 2 simple clicks!

This format will be able to show Facebook comments on the screen, along with our awesome features

Mode interview


Create an interview with fans, guests or friends in 2 simple clicks!

A guest will be able to join from their computer or mobile phone

Mode talk show

Talk show

Create a multi-person show with your fans, guests, or friends in just 2 clicks! It’s fast & simple!

Up to four people can be on the screen, and up to ten guests can join into a Lobby


Boost Brand & Engagement

Use custom logo, frames, and colors. Show your viewers' comments live on screen.

Stay Organized

Use the Agenda and the Crawler to highlight what matter most to your community during your shows.

Establish Your Expertise

Use the screen share feature to show presentations. Also bring photos directly from your Facebook album into your broadcast.

Case Studies

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